The SC2 is a premium quality 2 channel line output signal converter. The design features a compact metal chassis making it super easy for installers to fit it into tight spaces. Installers will appreciate easy access to features such as input voltage selection, turn on selection, and grounding selection. To allow for greater OEM interface compatibility, the SC2 accepts up to 40 volts of speaker level input, and it’s input impedance allows it to integrate with most load detect systems without the need for external resistors.

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Operating Voltage: 10 – 16
Output Channel(s): 2
Max Current Draw (Amps): 100mA
High-Level Input Voltage Sensitivity: 2-20v / 4-40v
RCA Output Voltage: 10
RCA Input Impedance: 180
RCA Input S/N: > 95dB
Frequency Response (Hz): 10 ~ 50k
Remote Out Current: 12V > 500mA
Dimensions (Inches): 3 x 3 x 1
Dimensions (MM):


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