Dual 12″ Subwoofer Bass Package 4


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This Subwoofer Bass package consists of:

   1 ea –  Tru Spec Double 12″ Subwoofer Enclosure

Tru Spec Prefabricated enclosures are simple, straight to the point, subwoofer specific enclosures dialed in precisely to manufacturer’s specifications after displacements. These subwoofer specific enclosures will be versatile to many other subwoofers as well, so you do not have to use the noted driver on the enclosure, just be sure and double check your cutout.

TRU SPEC PREFAB DUAL 10″ : Sundown SA-10″ with double flush baffle

   2 ea – Digital Design 12″ 512-D4 

The 500 series is one of the best performing subs you can find in its power class. With a highly efficient design, the 500 series can easily be driven to high output levels on as little as 150-400 Watts. When compared to the 200 Series the 500 Series uses a longer coil, more powerful motor and the suspension is designed to handle higher transient peaks. These are very versatile subs that work well in sealed enclosures while providing the extra energy and control needed for vented enclosures applications.

 1 ea – Trauma TCS-1000.1d Amplifier  

Trauma’s high fidelity class D monoblock amplifier puts out 1200 Watts RMS at 14.4V and is designed to deliver what you need to win SPL competitions or as a daily driver. It is built with the highest quality components in the industry to give you the power and reliability you expect with your purchase.


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