IA15.1 2000w RMS Mono Block Amplifier


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Welcome to the Incriminator Audio 15.1. How do you introduce the son of an amplifier legend? Of course, you state that legendary status was achieved through countless SPL championships for a decade and a half of supreme performance. The 20.1 has long since set the Incriminator Audio brand name at the top of the SPL race and will continue to do so. Say you don’t need quite the brute force of the 20.1, but still want big time Incriminator Audio power that you can trust will give you years of durability and serious output. Enter the all new Incrimiantor Audio 15.1.

Using a compact foot print, the IA 15.1 squeezes 2000 watts RMS power at 1 ohm mono out of very minimal space. Employing a dual MOS-FET PWM power supply, you can rest assured the IA 15.1 will not be lacking in the power department. The IA 15.1 is stable up to 15.5 volt systems to produce more power. If you need even more than that, the IA 15.1 can be strapped with a second IA 15.1 using the Mirror Technology, producing a bonkers 4000 watts RMS at 2 ohm mono.

Reliability is a strong suit, using high tolerance internal components, heavy duty copper layer double sided epoxy PCB, and multi-layer protection circuitry, you know this amplifier can take some serious abuse and keep rolling for a long time. Keeping the IA 15.1 cool, it is using the Incriminator proprietary custom tooled heat sink that has onboard PCB support for vibration resistance.

The IA 15.1 has silver Tiffany RCA inputs as well as metal potentiometers, showing this is a high-quality amplifier from the get go.

For many years, the Incriminator Audio mono block amplifiers have been winning competitions and building an ever strong reputation. The all new IA 15.1 slots right in between the famous IA 20.1 and the pocket monster IA 10.1, ensuring you power and peace of mind.


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