IA20.1 2800w RMS Mono Block Amplifier


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When words like “legendary”, “pivotal”, and “accomplished” get used when describing an amplifier, you know you are dealing with something special. The Incriminator Audio 20.1 is the big power mono-block that caused a paradigm shift well over a decade ago. No longer did you need to spend massive amounts of money on a major brand name amplifier from a big-box store to get serious power and durability. The IA 20.1 was the beginning of a new segment of powerful amplifiers from a great brand that was not charging a massive mark up for their name.

The IA 20.1 set the tone for all business looks and very stout build quality that can withstand some serious abuse in both daily installs and extreme SPL competition vehicles. The competition lanes and big power installs are where the IA 20.1 really made its mark in the beginning. Dating back to 2004, the IA 20.1 is one of the longest-running mono-block amplifiers on the market. That should really tell you the level of quality and design that has gone into this amplifier that has only improved year after year.

Keeping consistent with all the other Incriminator Audio mono-block amplifiers, the IA 20.1 uses a proprietary, custom tooled heatsink with onboard PCB support for vibration resistance from those massive output installs that would normally shake average amplifiers to bits. As with all the IA mono-block amps, the IA 20.1 is strappable with another IA 20.1, making multiple amp installs a breeze with the advanced strapping with amplifier mirror technology. This means you will be able to control the settings of all of the amplifiers through the master/slave/mirror feature that is as simple as flipping a switch.

What is the first thing asked about an amplifier? Well that is power output, and the IA 20.1 has more than enough power, conservatively rated at 2800 watts, you will have plenty of power for even the most top-tier subwoofers or a big multiple sub system. Developing all that power from the IA 20.1 is the dual MOS-FET pulse width modulation power supply, with the ability to run up to 15.5 volts input to get every last watt out of the amp. With oversized 1/0 power and ground inputs, the IA 20.1 makes it easy to run a ton of current through it.

Through years of proven performance in all different environments along with so many SPL competition wins, it’s almost hard to grasp, the IA 20.1 has the power and pedigree to take your subwoofers output and performance to not only the next level, but beyond.


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